" I love Power Plate!" says Helen L, a 43-year-old marketing executive, "It's a quick workout that's effective, and the location is beautiful!"

"This is the WEIRDEST workout I've ever had, and I've just turned 62 so this is a major change for me, but it works and I'm enjoying it!" -Jennfier V.

"I hate exercising so I always look for ways to make it quick and interesting.  I want to get fit without thinking a lot about it.  ChillSpace is perfect!  The Power Plate workout is effective and quick, and Lisa is a superb trainer! -Barbara S.

"I love the whole body vibration workout.  I feel stronger and more vibrant.  I have super energy throughout the day, yet with a stillness of mind.  It's amazing!" -Miriam B.

"My osteopath told me I had to have a shoulder replacement, but I wasn't keen on the idea.  I'd heard of people using Power Plate for rehabilitation, and I decided to try it.  After about three months, I regained total mobility in my shoulder!  I can hang up my wash, reach up into tall cabinets in my kitchen, and bend to tie my shoelaces without any pain.  Soon, I'll be back playing golf...and I'm over 70 years old!" -Rosemary H.

"This machine is BRILLIANT!  I sit at my job all day, and really needed to find a quick, effective, and enjoyable fitness program to get me moving again...Power Plate is all I could have hoped for!" -Sharron R.

"This is the LONGEST I've ever stayed in an exercise program.  Typically, I join a gym, go a few times, then lose interest and motivation.  Power Plate, ChillSpace, and Lisa make every workout stimulating and the results keep me coming back!" -Anne L.

"Even if I'm very tired, I go to ChillSpace because I know I'll get more energy and feel more vibrant after my Power Plate session." -Janet H.

"Ive dropped 5% in body fat and can now fit into jeans I couldn't wear for years...after only 8 weeks on Power Plate and without dieting!" -Ellen S.

"Since coming to ChillSpace, my back is heaps better. I even cancelled my osteopath appointments!" -Debbie R.

"After discovering Power Plate workouts at ChillSpace, I will never set foot in a conventional gym again!" -Victoria S.

"The personal attention at ChillSpace is invaluable.  Lisa has helped me stay disciplined and focused on my health. It's really worth the price." -Carol M.

"I park my car halfway up the hill, and walk the rest of the way to ChillSpace.  I enjoy a beautiful walk and a great workout in a short period of time.  It's the best of both, and I'm now needing smaller jeans or belts to hold them up!" -Joy H.

"This is the best my body's ever looked!  I lost the cellulite; my face is smoother and even my loose neck skin has tightened.  Power Plate is an age-reversing machine!" -Adele D.

"I'm 85 years old and have had a knee replacement years ago.  I thought I was going to need replacement of my other knee, but I was delaying the decision.  My daughter brought me to ChillSpace for a free session on Power Plate and after just a few sessions, I have greater mobility and I believe that I can save the knee.  My workout consists mainly of static poses and lots of vibration massage...and I feel great! I highly recommend this for elderly rehabilitation." -Julie E.



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